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Dinner and Snack Sets

Food presentation is as important as preparing and eating them. It tells a lot about the love and efforts you have put into the final results. At Avedis Lifestyle, we take pride in hosting one of the most stunning collections of carefully crafted glass dinnerware set in India. Besides boasting extraordinary designs, the dinnerware sets we offer also come in a space-friendly stackable design which allows you to stack the dinner set pieces on top of one another, so they don’t require extra space.


Our range of dinner and snack sets doesn’t involve original bone ash and are hence 100% vegetarian. They are extremely lightweight, which makes them an ideal piece of dinnerware set for every household. The extra-sturdy glass is chip-proof and can be used regularly without any trouble.


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The glass is also resistant to scratch and maintains the fresh and new look of your table forever. No scratch means the bacteria don’t get accumulated or sneak inside, so you can also ensure the utmost hygiene. The glass with which our dinnerware sets are made doesn’t allow the leaching of doors, toxins, and chemicals to get inside your food. No wonder, why it is counted as one of the healthiest options for serve-ware in every home.


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Indian cuisines include a lot of spices and the use of turmeric and red chili powder, which means unwanted stains on plates that refuse to go. However, with our set you need not worry about stains s neither will the designs fade nor lose out on their colour, irrespective of your use of oil and haldi.


Each of our dinner and snack set is both dishwasher and microwave-proof and flaunts soothing designs. They are also manufactured using the latest technology by the highest international safety standards. They are all resilient to cracks and hot foods, so you need not have to worry about breaking them.

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