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Red Double Bedsheet Set With 2 Pillow Covers


Material: Cotton

Color: Red

Size : Bed sheet-  224 * 254 cm; Pillow cases- 46 * 69 cm

Package Contains: 1 Bed sheet, 2 Pillow covers

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The Keara Red Double Bedsheet is a vibrant and stylish addition to your bedroom decor. This bedding set is designed to infuse energy and personality into your sleeping space while providing you with comfort and quality.

Key features of the Keara Red Double Bedsheet:

  1. Double Bedsize: The bedsheet in this set is tailored to fit standard double-sized mattresses. Its dimensions are thoughtfully chosen to provide ample coverage and a neat appearance on your bed.
  2. Bold Red Hue: The striking red color of this bedsheet adds a bold and eye-catching element to your bedroom. Red is often associated with passion and vitality, making it an ideal choice for those who want to create a lively and energetic ambiance.
  3. Premium Fabric: Keara is known for its commitment to quality, and this bedsheet is no exception. It is typically made from high-quality cotton, offering a soft and comfortable texture that feels great against your skin.
  4. Versatile Design: The red color is both versatile and captivating. It can work well with various interior decor styles, from modern and minimalistic to traditional and eclectic. The design of the bedsheet is often chosen to be timeless, ensuring its enduring appeal.
  5. Easy Care: This bedding set is designed for practicality. It is machine-washable, allowing for easy maintenance and ensuring that the vibrant red color and softness remain intact even after multiple washes.
  6. Pairs Well with Accessories: The bold red hue of the Keara Red Double Bedsheet serves as an excellent backdrop for a wide range of decorative pillows, throws, and other bedroom accessories. This makes it easy to create a personalized and inviting bedroom decor.
  7. Multiple Uses: Whether you’re decorating your own bedroom or setting up a guest room, this red double bedsheet is a versatile choice. It’s perfect for various occasions and settings.
  8. Great Gift Idea: This bedding set also makes for a fantastic gift option for friends or loved ones. Its bold color and comfortable fabric make it an appealing and practical present for housewarming parties, birthdays, or other special occasions.

In conclusion, the Keara Red Double Bedsheet is a statement piece for your bedroom, infusing a burst of color and vitality into your living space. Its premium quality, easy maintenance, and versatile design make it a top choice for those who want to combine style and comfort in their home decor.


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