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Flower Led Candle ( set Of 3)


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  • Size: 8cm x 5.5 cm(l xb)
  • Types Of Battery: LED Battery
  • Usage: It is used During Festival like Diwali and Christmas



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Buy Flower Led Candle @ Avedis Lifestyle

Buy Flower Led candle @ avedis Lifestyle .Introducing our Flower LED Candle, a marvel of beauty and innovation. Each intricately designed petal encases a soft LED light, mimicking the gentle glow of a candle flame. Delicately crafted to resemble a blossoming flower, this candle exudes an ethereal radiance, casting a warm and inviting ambiance in any space.

Embrace the enchantment of nature with this flameless wonder. The lifelike petals gracefully unfurl, illuminating your surroundings with a soft, comforting light. Perfect for creating a serene atmosphere during quiet evenings or adding a touch of elegance to special occasions, these LED candles offer both visual allure and practicality.

Enjoy the mesmerizing dance of light without the concern of melting wax or open flames. Whether as a centerpiece or a decorative accent, our Flower LED Candle brings the essence of a blooming garden into your home, casting a spell of tranquility and beauty wherever it rests.


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