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Cylindrical Hanging Terrarium


Material: Glass

Color: Clear

Shape: Cylindrical

Size (L x W):

Package Contains: 1 Terrarium

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Do something different with your event décor by trading out classic cups and candlesticks for our cylindrical hanging terrarium candle holder! Each piece is made of high quality glass so you get a product that’s reliable and long lasting. Glass is appealing for one-time events and long term use. Businesses can keep more money in their décor budget and still impress clients and guests by choosing items like this fabulous glass candleholder!

Each cylindrical hanging terrarium candleholder is made with clear glass so guests get an unobstructed view of items placed inside at any angle. Our cylindrical model includes rounded tops and bottoms with straight sides that form an elegant capsule shape. A 2.5” round opening is cut into one side to provide access to the display space within. This model stands 8” tall with a 5” width for a shorter profile compared to our other glass cylinder terrariums.The top of every cylindrical hanging terrarium candle holder ends with a single glass ring. The ring is clear, matching the body of the terrarium. This component allows the terrarium to hang anywhere. Add your favorite cord, ribbon or rope and let your amazing glass terrarium hang from a tree branch or bough.  Create a stunning display by hanging many from a frame or support at different levels. A total of 12 are included in every case you order so you can get creative when arranging your cylinder hanging terrarium candleholders! Also visit our candle collection to find LED lights and wax candles that work with this and our other glass candleholders.


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